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Want to reach more decision makers? Create a sense of urgency? Accelerate your sales cycle? I can help.

Together, we can produce compelling content and provocative selling tools -- executive presentations, white papers, case studies, site copy, and blog posts -- to engage more prospects and close more business.

My company Manasco Marketing Partners ( specializes in creating thought leadership marketing and sales enablement solutions that help you more powerfully articulate your value proposition.

Prior to launching Manasco Marketing Partners, I was a consultant for Prime Resource Group (which specializes in sales performance consulting for companies engaged in a complex sale), Knowledge Capital Group (which focuses on analyst relations for enterprise technology companies), and Peppers and Rogers Group (which specializes in "one-to-one," relationship marketing for F500 companies).

I am producer of the thought leadership strategy blog Illuminating the Future and the executive journal, Elevation Quarterly. My forthcoming book is called Provoke Your Prospect: How to Create Urgency When Buyers Drag their Feet.

In addition, I've written for Harvard Business Review; The New York Times; RainToday; CIO Magazine; Intelligent Enterprise; CNET/ZDNET; Marketing Management; Sales and Marketing Management; 1to1 Magazine; Reason Magazine; and many other media outlets worldwide.

You can reach me at 512-415-7936 or via email at Britton at . Visit Manasco Marketing Partners at